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Now that she has grandchildren, Icariel can tell her story. Many years earlier, Skyholm was invaded by Rakoss, a giant cyclops who kidnapped Aziel the divinity. People of Skyholm lost their ability to transform between their human and bird forms. 

Step into Icariel's story and restore the peace in Skyholm. Complete quests and explore a vast floating world.

Aziel is a narrative adventure game prototype created in 10 weeks by university students from Montreal for the Ubisoft Gamelab Competition.

Install instructions

Unzip Aziel.zip and launch Aziel.exe

  • Voices are in french but subtitles can be in English
  • In the option menu, language can be  set in English or French
  • In the option menu, control of the bird can be set to inverted or not.


Aziel.zip 470 MB
Aziel_FlyOnly.zip 464 MB

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