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Our beautiful land is a prototype developed for the competition GameLab 2018 of Ubisoft.

The theme of the competition was "Change the world".  A polar bear have to survive while his land is changing and seals disappear slowly.

This is a puzzle game where the two players have to help each others to reach the hibernation site.

Programmers:    Jean-René Choinière, Maxime Larivière, Dimitry Kolytchev
Playtest:                Julien Thibault
Artists:                   Annie-Claude Bergeron,  Yohannak Tim
Design:                   Julie Quach,  Jean-Philippe Bertrand
William Sylvain

Install instructions

To play the game, build.zip have to be unzip and the file Phours.exe have to be launch on two different PCs in LAN.

The host will play the bear and the client will play the spirit.

The menu provides options to host and join a game in LAN.


build.zip 548 MB

Development log


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