A downloadable game for Windows

Our beautiful land is a prototype developed for the competition GameLab 2018 of Ubisoft.

The theme of the competition was "Change the world".  A polar bear have to survive while his land is changing and seals disappear slowly.

This is a puzzle game where the two players have to help each others to reach the hibernation site.

Programmers:    Jean-René Choinière, Maxime Larivière, Dimitry Kolytchev
Playtest:                Julien Thibault
Artists:                   Annie-Claude Bergeron,  Yohannak Tim
Design:                   Julie Quach,  Jean-Philippe Bertrand
William Sylvain

Install instructions

To play the game, build.zip have to be unzip and the file Phours.exe have to be launch on two different PCs in LAN.

The host will play the bear and the client will play the spirit.

The menu provides options to host and join a game in LAN.


build.zip 548 MB

Development log


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Anyone having problems with hosting and joining?

I can run the game, launch the host and my 2nd computer can see the server running, but upon clicking "go" nothing happens.  They both just sit there waiting.

On the client side you should see a game found. 

By pressing "Go" on the client, the server will be ready and will wait for an input and then it will show the level select window.

If you can't see a game found on the client, it may be an issue with your network settings. (During development, some of us had virtualbox installed on our PC and we had disable the network adapter of Virtualbox to be able to see games on the LAN.)

Hope that will help :)

Thank you for replying!

I am able to see the host server and can click "Go" but after that it just hangs. I never get the level selection on the host.  So network isn't an issue...  I'm playing on a LAN (same switch) but I'll give Offline a go as well.

Is there any specific dependencies needed for the two computers to communicate?

  • Visual C Redist
  • Dot NET Framework
  • winhttp
  • msxml3

Hum, never had this issue before... By pressing "GO" a session is created (using the Online Subsystem of Unreal ). Just to clarify, on server side, the level select window appears after pressing A. You should see a label like this. 

If it's not the case, I will take a look and push an update to fix this issue if I can reproduces it.

Sorry about that.

Ok, that makes sense.  I'll give it a try again because  I never saw this screen.

Before you go an change anything, I wanted to let you know I am in Linux running "Our Beautiful Land" in Wine.  So there is a chance something is not working with Wine.  I've run games made in Unreal with Wine in the past and they run fine.  I also found that "Our Beautiful Land" wouldn't even Launch until I install Visual C 2010, 2013 & 2015.  I wasn't sure which one it needed so I installed them all.

Now it launched fine, but I can't actually play until the client connects to the host and continues.  Thanks for your help! 

Any chance of a Linux port in the future?

Ah that's explain why, it's a Windows build, we never tried to play the game on Linux. unfortunately, we won't port it on Linux since it's a 10 weeks prototype made for a competition.